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Helping you build and maintain well-connected communities, both online and off.

all-inclusive COMMUNITY WEBSITEs...


Conveniently manage unlimited HOA websites and properties from your Page Per Page account.


Twice the capabilities compared to other providers, at a fraction of the cost.


Build and maintain homeowner trust using features that support open, two-way communication.


Trusted relationships with industry partners, including banks and accounting software.

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How it Works

Create a PPP Account

All Page Per Page account holders will have access to our Community Website platform, in addition to all of our other great services/products.

Build Website(s)

We promise it sounds a lot more daunting than what it is. Our platform will guide you through the process, step-by-step, with no prior experience required.

Invite Your Homeowners!

Once properties have been imported, the system will use this information to verify your homeowners during the signup process. Time to spread the word!

Choose a Plan

But take your time — the first year is always free, for every website.

$ 29 Per month
$ 300 Per Year
Save 14%

Administrative Capabilities

Manage Households

Manage Communities

Manage Neighbors

Moderate Neighbor Features

Oversee posts and interactions within Neighbor features to ensure a safe and comfortable online environment.

Control Feature Visibility

Turn features ON or OFF and select which ones will be public, or only visible to registered users within the community.

Create Custom Pages

(Coming Soon) In addition to all standard features, administrators can create as many custom pages as needed.

Homeowner Features

Stay Current

Stay Informed

Stay Connected

While management will use their Page Per Page account to build and maintain websites, we have built a separate platform just for homeowners at
Locating the correct website and signing up for an account is simple and secure.

the story behind our websites...

Through experience and interactions with management companies, HOAs and homeowners alike, Page Per Page became quite knowledgeable about the world of community management.
What interested them most, was what needed improvement. How could they best serve and evolve the industry?
One particular area of concern was community (HOA) websites. To put it bluntly, the sites were deserted wastelands. Expensive ones, at that.
But the answer as to “Why?” was simple. Information was often outdated, stale and irrelevant, and communication was strictly one-way. Homeowners had no other choice but to disengage, looking to private groups on social media sites to vent their frustrations.
Our community websites exist today, to not only solve the underlying issues present in the community website industry, but more importantly, strengthen the relationship between management and homeowners.