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Why Page Per Page Is Not Your Average Print Shop

When working with print shops, achieving the best results is reliant on a highly-skilled team of people who are just as invested in your success as you are. This is what sets Page Per Page apart from its competitors (like the ones you’ll find with a quick “print shops near me” search). With their expert design and in-house printing teams,

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Technology & Innovations

From the Printing Press to the 3D printer – we have seen technologies and processes evolve in way that it is hard to imagine how much farther we can go. In this section of The Pager, we explore the evolution of such innovations that have become cornerstones of our daily lives.

Typographical Art

In 1998, Shigetaka Kurita, a 25-year-old Japanese engineer, wanted to develop a way to communicate, while taking up less digital space. Kurita named these 12×12 pixel images,

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The Pony Express

Send in the ponies

As the American Civil War approached, and as California’s population was booming after the Gold Rush, the country was in need of a way to

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The Penny Black

The printing and mailing industries have been endangered species for quite some time now. In order to withstand the technological advancements that have threatened our

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