HOA Management: Best Practices for Self-Managed HOAs

The goal of an HOA is to efficiently manage a community, maintain a good neighborhood aesthetic and increase house values. But more than that, it’s to foster a happy community of people who love where they live. And it all starts with the style and principles of HOA management that are used by the board.  As a self-managed HOA, you

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Technology & Innovations

Typographical Art

In 1998, Shigetaka Kurita, a 25-year-old Japanese engineer, wanted to develop a way to communicate, while taking up less digital space. Kurita named these 12×12 pixel images,

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The Pony Express

Send in the ponies

As the American Civil War approached, and as California’s population was booming after the Gold Rush, the country was in need of a way to

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The Penny Black

The printing and mailing industries have been endangered species for quite some time now. In order to withstand the technological advancements that have threatened our

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