Drive Homeowner Engagement With HOA Ballots​

We help homeowner associations coordinate smooth elections by delivering high quality HOA ballots in a timely manner.

Mailing Options for HOA Ballots

Non-Secret Ballot

In non-discrete voting issues, HOAs may offer non-secret ballots which typically include a single return envelope. This allows the voter’s selection to be visible to whoever it may concern.

With Page Per Page, your non-secret ballots are sent with the following:

  • #10 outer window envelope
  • Standard #9 return envelope (with or without prepaid postage)
  • Online voting optional
  • All documents to support the election.

Tear-Away Secret Ballot

Some voting topics are mandated, either by HOA regulations or the state, to be discrete, and will require secret voting options. HOAs typically will include 2 envelopes (return envelope and a secret “Official Ballot” envelope). However, as a cost-effective alternative, the “tearaway ballot mailer” allows the HOA to combine the two envelopes into one, while retaining the homeowner’s confidential votes. The tearaway envelope allows the HOA to remove the homeowner’s name and address without opening the envelope, thus keeping their selection secret.

Page Per Page offers a tear-away secret ballot option that includes:

  • #10 outer window envelope
  • Tear-away #9 return envelope (with or without prepaid postage)
  • Online voting optional
  • All documents to support the election. 

Secret Ballot

As stated before, some voting issues are required to be secret. For HOAs to appropriately respect members’ privacy, they may choose to include 2 envelopes instead of a tearaway ballot mailer.

Page Per Page offers a secret ballot mailing option that includes:

  • #11 outer envelope
  • #10 standard return envelope (with or without prepaid postage)
  • #9 official ballot envelope (no member information attached to this envelope)
  • Online voting optional
  • All documents to support the election.

Online Voting

Using our expertise in printing and mailing paper ballots, we now offer an online voting alternative for HOA ballots and HOA voting.

Association Vote

We believe that creating a ballot should be just as easy as casting a vote, which is why we have created an efficient solution to both. Association.Vote is an easy-to-use tool for HOAs to collect votes on-the-go.

The addition of an online voting option is sure to drive additional member participation. You can alert voters of a new ballot by email or mail, cast a vote from your mobile device, and track election results in real time.

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