HOA Mailing Solutions

Can you describe your core business in a single word?

At Page-Per-Page, our core business is MAIL.

Our clients tend to be HOAs, either self-managed or managed professionally by a Community Management company. But, we also have clients outside the industry where direct mail to homeowners (B2C) is a key marketing strategy.

What can you expect to gain by outsourcing your mail to us?


Let’s say you manage 10,000 homes (doors). Between bills, meeting notices, ballots, violation letters and newsletters, the typical homeowner receives eight (8) pieces of mail each year from their HOA…that’s 80,000 pieces of mail that you have to send out.

Do all the work in-house, and it is consuming a minimum of 2,000 man-hours per year.

If you were our client, you would spend just 27 hours. That’s a 98.7% time savings!


To start with, our clients save between 10% – 33% in postage costs.

But, more importantly, if you do all the mail in-house, you have to accurately account for labor, equipment leases, supplies, space, electrical and lost productivity costs. Calculating those costs is not easy, and even a small mistake could mean significant losses to your bottom line.

With Page-Per-Page, the exact cost of any mailing is determined ahead of time. So, whether you simply pass the costs of the mailing to the HOA or if MAIL is a profit center for your business, you just cannot lose money when you outsource to us.


We understand that mailing emergencies do occur. It doesn’t matter who dropped the ball…you just need to get the mailing completed.

With Page-Per-Page, you tell us the date you need the mailing to go out and it will go out on that date. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? No problem.

Does your mail look as professional as it could be? In most cases, the homeowner’s perception of your organization is determined exclusively through the mail they receive.

At Page-Per-Page, we process all of our mail with state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure a consistent and professional appearance.


We are the only mailing company serving the industry with an internationally certified quality control process.

What does that mean to you?

With an on-time and accuracy record in excess of 99%, our clients sleep well at night knowing that the mail is in good hands.