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Community Management

When you manage thousands of doors, printing, packing and shipping all homeowner communications in-house is inefficient and time-consuming. It takes manpower away from what you do best: managing the community. Let Page Per Page take care of the rest.

Self-Managed Homeowner Association

If your HOA prefers to handle community affairs closely and personally, opting not to work with a management company, you feel the strain of your printing and mailing workload all the more. Page Per Page is here to take the strain off board members.

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HOA Mailings, Community Websites, Online Voting or even printing and promotional products.

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PPP for Community Management Companies

Specialized Industry Knowledge

Inside-out knowledge of the community management industry allows us to create specialized communication solutions for you and your clients.

Automated Profit Center

Reach your target ROI with our automated profit center. Simply input your profit margin and our system will automatically factor it into a custom invoice.

Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

The cost of processing mail in-house can quickly mount. Outsourcing your community mailings to Page Per Page results in a healthier ROI.

Save Time and Energy

In addition to saved costs and improved ROI, you can win back the most valuable resource you have; time to devote to your communities.

Did you know...

7 out of 8 management companies (87.5%) do not charge their HOAs enough money in order to recoup their costs. Page Per Page has developed a tool where you can learn whether you are profitable, breaking-even or operating at a loss.

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PPP for Self-Managed Homeowner Associations

For over a decade, we’ve had the opportunity to serve more than 5,000,000 homeowners across 60,000 HOAs. In that time, we’ve become closely acquainted with the unique needs of self-managed HOAs.
Managing a community of hundreds, maybe even thousands of doors, comes with robust printing and mailing demands. When your HOA can outsource tasks like this to Page Per Page, the more efficient you become.
Unlike impersonal corporate printing companies, Page Per Page is a small, family-owned business at our core. Customer care is of the upmost importance to us, and it shows.