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Ordering a CSV Statement Mailing

Page Per Page offers two options when sending out financial statements. CSV Statements are used when software platforms provide an option to export homeowner data into a CSV file.

To order your next CSV statement mailing, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Page Per Page account, and select Statement Mailing from the left-hand menu
  2. Select CSV Statement from the dropdown
  3. Select or add your Community
  4. Browse and upload your CSV homeowner list
  5. Select statement paper color and ink color
  6. Add insert(s)
    • Browse/upload file (PDF format)
    • Select printing options (i.e. ink color, paper color, etc.)
  7. Choose whether or not you would like to include remit envelopes
  8. Select any optional outer envelope messaging
  9. Choose whether or not you would like to also send the letter mailing via Digital Delivery (if applicable)
  10. Review & submit your order to go into the proofing process

Need a more in-depth CSV statement mailing demo? Schedule a webinar or contact us, today!

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