3 Ways to Welcome New Residents to Your Community

Moving into a new home, although thrilling, can be a challenge. Whether it’s having to adjust to a new place, surroundings, or neighbors, the HOA can play a huge role in how well homeowners adapt to the community. That’s why it’s important that a concerted effort to welcome new residents is made–to ensure that they feel welcomed and that their relationship with the HOA is nothing but positive. Here are the top three practices to consider so that your HOA can do just that:

1. Create a Welcome Packet

Instead of overwhelming new homeowners with tons of paperwork, make it easy for them by providing an organized welcome packet that includes everything they need. Page Per Page is a reliable resource for arranging and shipping beautifully designed HOA welcome mailings

A Letter from the HOA

Start with a warm and personal note that establishes a friendly tone welcoming them to the community. Then, introduce the board members and their roles, describe what’s included in the packet, and lastly, offer the HOA’s best wishes and assistance should they need anything.

Community Contact Information

Consider including a list of important people homeowners may need to contact such as board members, security, a management company, the clubhouse, etc. Make sure to include their name, title, email, and phone number.

Government Documents and other Files

Although they may have already received the CC&Rs, you should consider providing another copy to highlight any important areas. This also gives you the opportunity to attach accompanying forms like installation approval for any changes or additions to property, rules for pet leash, or parking and trash removal in shared spaces. When you use a service like Page Per Page’s community websites, these very forms can also be made available online for homeowners to download and submit as needed. 

Community Involvement

Help new homeowners integrate themselves by describing the many amenities they will be able to access as a new member. Encourage them to explore the community by providing a map and corresponding list of amenities with any additional contact information, provisions regarding guest access, hours of operation, and/or access codes if needed.

Whether it’s a maximum guest allowance for the clubhouse or off-hour pool rules, you’ll want to make sure your new homeowners are aware so that no surprise, good or bad, comes about later.

2. Exchange Contact Information

If you hear of a new homeowner joining the community, be proactive. Before move-in day, reach out. Work with the realtor to exchange contact information so that you can personally touch base and make sure they don’t feel completely clueless on their first day.

This also gives you the opportunity to provide them with the latest news like meeting minutes, upcoming events, and information on volunteering for or joining the HOA and board. Although an HOA welcome packet is vital, it’s more impersonal than a phone call to personally speak with and welcome a new homeowner. 

3. Establish a Welcome Committee

Touching base before they move in is great, but rolling out the red carpet is an excellent way to welcome new residents to your community. Consider establishing a welcome committee to get the job done. 

A welcome committee is responsible for introducing new homeowners to the community, assembling and distributing the welcome packets, as well as fielding any initial questions they might have.

There are many warm gestures a welcome committee can make:

  • Arrange a gift basket: Whether it’s muffins or a housewarming plant, a small present personally delivered can immediately make new neighbors feel welcome in their new community.
  • Send invites to neighborhood social activities and clubs: Create opportunities for newbies to meet neighbors by throwing a block party or inviting them to a special dinner hosted by the HOA president. 
  • Provide gift cards for local restaurants or shops in the area: Is there a fantastic little coffee shop across the street from your neighborhood? Make sure newcomers know about the local treasures by treating them to their first time.

Partner with Page Per Page

Welcoming new residents to your community is just the first step in building a long-lasting, healthy relationship between them and your HOA. A crucial component is consistent, clear communication. They should feel “in the know” about everything from meetings to events to upcoming elections. And for that, Page Per Page is the ultimate solution. 

Page Per Page is a print and mailing company dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open for HOAs. Their branded invites, newsletters, cards, calendars, and ballots have been helping communities stay informed for decades. 

Not sure where to start? Page Per Page is ready to help with expert designers and mailing experts who can turn your vision into reality for seamlessly welcoming homeowners.

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