From plumbing to printing, choosing the right service providers comes down to 5 simple criteria.

I had some plumbing work done at my house today.  The issues weren’t an emergency, but they were important. And, given that my plumbing skills are about as good as my software coding, doing it myself was not an option.  

As I was doing my research to find the plumber who would best serve my needs, I thought about our customers who have also decided that processing HOA mail themselves is not an option. Last year we onboarded 93 new clients. It was a good year, for sure.  

But, why did they choose us over others?  And what was their decision making criteria?  

Potential Page Per Page clients typically attend a one-on-one webinar with us, where they are able to test drive our online ordering site. During these meetings, we ask them what is most important so we can focus our attention in those areas. Here are the most common responses:

  1. Reliability – the #1 reason that clients begin looking for alternative solutions is because their current provider /solution is no longer reliable. For our clients, they need to trust that their orders are ALWAYS going to be mailed on-time and accurately.
  2. Communication – It is amazing to hear how many clients are unable to get a live person to help them out.  By phone, email or online chat, clients want to communicate NOW, not in days.  
  3. Ownership – Mailing services is a people business.  And, where people are involved, mistakes can and will happen.  If a mistake is made, clients expect the service provider to take ownership. Then, promptly correct the issue. And finally, to compensate the client for their trouble.  
  4. Easy – HOA mail can be complicated.  Add a confusing or difficult-to-navigate online ordering site, and clients get frustrated and go elsewhere.  
  5. Reputation – Think “Google Reviews”.  Reputations are built and reputations are destroyed based on the feedback and experiences of others.  Some providers  in our industry have built decades-long positive reputations only to see them turn negative because they have failed to consistently provide the level of service their clients require.  Lose a good reputation and business opportunities go away, fast. 

It has taken 12 years for Page Per Page to build a reputation in the Community Association industry. We have done this by forging strong partnerships with our clients as well as software providers and banks who trust us.  Page Per Page built this trust by consistently providing our clients with what they require (see #1, #2, #3 and #4 above).  We understand their importance, and we understand that if we are to continue growing we must continue to earn trust.  You have our commitment that we will.

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