Don’t Handle Your HOA Mail In-House: A Plea to Community Management Companies

We don’t need to tell you that managing an HOA comes with unbelievable mailing demands. Ballots are being shipped, and notices have to hit mailboxes on time. Suffice it to say, “managing HOAs” and “processing tidal waves of mail” are practically synonymous. As a community manager, how do you go about managing HOA mail?

If you just answered, “We do it in house,” then… we need to talk.

Industry experts, vendors and board members all agree: community managers who print and pack mail in-house not only appear unprofessional, they’re not making a sound investment of their time and resources. Handling HOA mail in-house isn’t just inefficient, it’s downright taxing on you and your staff. And when this time-consuming task can be outsourced to a professional HOA mailing partner, there is no excuse not to.

Here’s exactly why outsourcing mail to a professional HOA mailing partner is so much better for your management company:

Eliminate Poor Presentation and Embarrassing Mailing Errors

When you don’t invest in professional mailing services, it shows, and the mailings suffer. Sometimes that means you have newsletters and welcome packets that look “cobbled together” and unpolished. Other times, there are glaring errors in the content or delivery of the mail.

No matter what you send, a gleaming finished product is going to reflect well on both the HOA and management company. With an HOA mailing partner like Page Per Page in your corner, you’ll work with design experts to create any of the following customized mailings: 

In addition to presentation and design, Page Per Page handles all aspects of the printing, packing and mailing. That means having the peace of mind that the job was done right the first time. You won’t have to worry about mailing mistakes that might hurt your reputation. 

For Example: One board member for an HOA in Houston accidentally mailed a homeowner the entire list of past due community members, rather than the late notice that was supposed to be sent. Another HOA reportedly sent out a list of candidates running for the HOA board with only their photos, forgetting their name altogether. 

Instead of risking accidents like this, why not hand the load off to experienced professionals, whose job is diligence in this arena? Page Per Page keeps a transparent dashboard on the homepage of their website, showing their on-time and accuracy statistics for all mailing orders; 99.99% accuracy month over month speaks for itself! 

Gain More Time to Manage Your Communities

Your official title is community manager, not community mailer. Not only do the mailings themselves suffer when you try to DIY them, but your other managerial duties can suffer as well. An HOA mailing partner helps you spend more time on core managerial duties and less time licking envelopes. No more long trips to the post office or spending precious management company resources on envelopes and stamps.

With mailing off your plate, duties you can invest more time in include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing local and state law changes, and passing this information onto the HOAs you manage
  • Conducting essential board education seminars 
  • Building better financial reports that are easier for homeowners and board members to understand 

In short, outsourcing your mail frees up time to do more of what you do best and are truly skilled in. 

Grow Your Management Company

With more free time to allocate to management excellence, you can also invest in the growth of your company. Your staff can work on refining their own departments and attracting more HOA clients. But most importantly, you can expand your service portfolio. If you’re interested in expanding the services you offer to HOAs, Page Per Page goes beyond mailings, with a number of tools you can propose as add-ons to your clients:

  • Hoampage: Offer a customized website/resident portal for each HOA you manage. Having an online home for all community affairs not only streamlines assessment payment, it improves communication and interaction between homeowners and the board. 
  • Association Vote: Managing elections can be easier for both you and board members with this online voting tool from Page Per Page; it alerts voters of a new ballot by email and/or US mail, and most importantly, allows homeowners to cast a vote on-the-go. 

Let HOA Mailing Experts Help Your Community Management Company

Running a community management company is challenging enough without trying to maintain your own in-house post office. That’s why outsourcing is the most efficient method of streamlining your HOA mail. By relying on professionals to get the job done, you can begin maximizing your time in other areas.  

Page Per Page is here to help. With years of experience in the industry and incredible designers on staff, they are the perfect partner to take HOA mail off your shoulders, and let you focus your expertise on what you do best. 

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