3 Smart HOA Solutions You Need

Managing an HOA involves a lot of moving parts. From property regulations to sending newsletters, assessments, and announcements, the workload is heavy and consistent. Innovative technology offers a solution to your HOA needs by increasing efficiency, smoothing communication, and simplifying tasks. Consider how these three HOA solutions improve mailings, communications, and voting.

1. Page Per Page

The process of handling mass mailings and print marketing can be burdensome, to say the least. To save money, conserve paid hours, deliver professional mail, and increase the accuracy of your billings, Page Per Page is a smart HOA solution to consider.

Page Per Page is a print, mail, and technology solutions company specializing in community associations. Through Page Per Page’s mailing options, you can:

  • Deliver financial assessments
  • Produce professional newsletters
  • Mail election ballots
  • Serve non-compliance notices

Their experienced marketers and designers build brands, freshen looks, and cultivate appeal through logos, cards, banners, and more. You’ll no longer suffer from uncoordinated, unattractive mailings with the talents of Page Per Page.

Additionally, Page Per Page streamlines direct mail marketing so you can recoup costs and stay profitable. Enjoy the success of professionally handled printing and mailing so you can focus on managing your HOA and creating a custom community website for your members with the next helpful HOA solution.


A great community website creates easier communication, smoother payments, and clearer announcements. Without one, community associations may suffer from unclear compliance standards, missed payments, and slow, trickle-down updates.

With HOAMPAGE, you can manage your HOA through a custom and modern webpage that optimizes communication all in one place.  It saves you time and money without having to hire in-house web developers to spearhead your online image, allowing you to create one of the best HOA websites with ease.

With a fully realized community hub, you’ll feel empowered to make announcements and update information in a snap. HOAMPAGE is the solution to complex coding, touchy design, and other technical obstacles to collecting dues, generating compliance and managing a seamless association election. 

3. Association Vote

Organizing a HOA election can be lengthy and tedious. Elections ask homeowners to mail paper ballots or arrange a visit to your voting location and you miss the opportunity to hear everyone’s voice when members don’t remember or fail to vote. This creates a lack of community involvement and can dissatisfy members.

By using Association Vote, you can make the process easier and more efficient by:

  • Offering an online voting platform
  • Ballot creation
  • Alert community members of an election by email, US mail, or both
  • On-the-go voting
  • Real-time election results

Replacing paper ballots, Association Vote speeds the voting process, protects voting integrity, and quickly calculates outcomes. With it, you can create a cohesive and coherent solution to the most common struggles community management faces.

Utilize the Best HOA Solutions with Page Per Page

Whether it’s web, print, design, mailing, marketing, or voting services—Page Per Page is your all-encompassing HOA solution for greater efficiency and ease. Take the reins of community association management. Use high-tech advancements to make ignored mailings, outdated websites, and late ballots worries of the past.

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