HOA Technology to Start Using Now

Gone are the days when paper ballots, lengthy phone calls, and receiving monthly dues through the mail is the only way a HOA can operate. By utilizing the latest advances in HOA technology, your association could have easier communication, higher productivity, and a more efficient workflow.  

Luckily, there are platforms that cater specifically to HOAs and community associations. Here are a few options to consider that will allow you to make a massive leap forward in running your organization. 

All-In-One HOA Management Software

An all-in-one platform gives associations a central hub that houses every aspect of your operation so that you can easily communicate with homeowners, manage the community’s finances, and even collect payments in one easy-to-use location. 

When considering different HOA management software, here are some of the best services to look out for:

  • Board communications
  • Violations tracking
  • Online payments
  • Accounting
  • Document management
  • Maintenance request tracking

The key to finding the best option is searching for a platform that is built specifically for community managers, like Vantaca. Software designed for community associations gives you the tools (like online payments and communication portals for homeowners) that may be hard to find elsewhere.   

HOA Website Builders

From purchasing a domain and a theme to complete customization, there are many moving parts to creating an effective HOA website that can be overwhelming and also become expensive. Instead, you might consider utilizing affordable website building hoa technology that not only moves beyond cookie-cutter templates, but offer real value for your homeowners – the central goal for all the best HOA websites.

For example, HOAMPAGE specializes in creating simple association websites, giving administrators the ability to manage more than one website in one location. Additionally, it offers a simple process for creating a customized site so that homeowners have a place to stay up-to-date on their community while interacting with their neighbors through social forums and interest groups.

HOA Financial Software

Managing the finances of an HOA can be challenging, from collecting fees to providing services on a limited budget. Financial HOA technology can improve operational efficiency, tighten your organization, and, ultimately, alleviate the stress on you making tasks like collecting late dues or paying for maintenance a breeze.

For example, PayHOA is a software specific to the needs of HOAs or community associations. They provide a website where members can make payments and communicate. Other features to look for in financial software include:

  • Automatic invoices and late notices 
  • Online maintenance requests and work orders
  • E-mail and text communications with members
  • Accounting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Violation tracking
  • Real-time reports 

HOA Voting Platforms

As you’re probably well aware, getting community members to vote in a HOA election can be difficult. But, making the voting process easier for them with HOA technology may encourage them to participate. For instance, eliminate the need for paper ballots and utilize an online voting platform that makes voting fast and painless. 

Association Vote, a software service offered by Page Per Page, streamlines the voting process completely by making it digital. Some of the helpful features that come with Association Vote include: 

  • Quick creation of ballots
  • Tracking of results in real-time
  • Security to protect the personal information of members
  • New ballot alerts sent to all members by mail or e-mail
  • Casting votes on-the-go

Streamline Your Community

With the help of HOA technology, you can easily improve your current processes and streamline your overall workflow. Companies like Page Per Page can help you in doing just that.

Page Per Page has vast experience in working with HOAs and community associations. They not only provide platforms for simple customized websites and association voting, but they also offer direct mailing services specifically for HOAs that enhances communication with homeowners. 

Page Per Page’s expertise in design and marketing, coupled with their technology solutions, can help your HOA communications become more effective and engaging.

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