Will I receive a proof of my order? If so, how does the proofing process work?

Our Answer:

Yes, you will receive a proof after placing a mailing order through Page Per Page. Additionally, you will need to review and approve the proof before any printing and mailing can be completed.

Receiving a proof:

  1. Check your email — Typically, within a few minutes after placing your order, an email will be sent stating your proof is ready to review. This email will also include your Order Number.
  2. Log into your Page Per Page account — While you can review the proof from the email directly, you will need to log into your account in order to approve or request changes to the proof.
  3. Drop down Orders in the main left-hand menu
  4. Select Active Orders
  5. Locate the Order Number
  6. Locate the Status Column and select the Awaiting Proof Approval link

Following the 6 simple steps above will bring you to the Proof Review page. The Proof Review page contains more than just the digital mailing proof; it includes all components selected and/or provided during the ordering process. After carefully reviewing the mailing details, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Approving or requesting proof changes:

Scrolling down the Proof Review page, you will notice a window including a digital proof of your mailing. You can scroll through this preview, or click Enlarge Proof, to open a new window displaying the proof. After reviewing your proof, select one of the following options:

  • Approved for Production — Select this option if the proof is correct and approved to print and mail
  • Generate New Proof with Changes — If changes to the proof are required, select this option and provide the changes in as much detail as possible. Once submitted, the order status will change to Requires Proof Manipulation, and you will be notified once the new proof is ready to review.
  • Cancel Order — Select this option if the order is no longer required on your end, or you have been instructed by Page Per Page to cancel and place a new order.
Approving or requesting proof changes

After making your selection, continue scrolling down the Proof Review page to review inserts (if any), envelopes and estimated cost. If everything looks good to go, click Submit and Page Per Page will take it from there!

One last reminder

Please proof carefully. Most orders will go directly into production once the proof approval is made. You’ll want to make sure everything on the proof is good to go before clicking that approved button. Thank you!

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