Fed Up With Your HOA? Here’s What You Need to Do At Your Next Board Meeting

If your HOA is getting on your last nerve – rest assured, you’re not alone. A quick Internet search reveals the predominant homeowner disposition toward HOAs – and we won’t sugarcoat it, it’s not rosy. Here at Hoampage, we work in the HOA industry, and even we are willing to admit that the relationship between homeowners and associations can sometimes be downright abrasive. But we can tell you from experience, it doesn’t have to be. The only HOAs with fed up homeowners are those who simply don’t employ the right tools. 

You, as a member and homeowner, have the power to fix that. 

In the last few years, a thriving market has emerged around HOAs, with new tech products that improve and replace dated HOA practices. The same practices that leave homeowners like you upset, uninformed, and frankly, ready to storm the next board meeting with a pitchfork in tow. If you can convince your HOA to start utilizing the tools available to them, homeowner dissatisfaction will become nothing more than a distant memory. So if you’re at your wit’s end with your HOA and not sure what to do about it, then you’re in the right place. 

Rather than fan the flames of your anger, we want to help you arrive at a true, actionable solution – one that you can take to your next board meeting. 

Most Homeowner Grievances Can Be Solved With an HOA Website – Here’s Why

Maybe you’re peeved about getting a violation for a bylaw you never knew existed. Or you’re tired of having to use a dated coupon book system to pay your dues. Either way, the common thread with “fed up” homeowners is that their HOA is missing something crucial: an HOA website with a resident portal. Believe it or not, the right HOA website will solve the vast majority of issues that plague the association (and you). If you take the initiative – and maybe get a few other homeowners on your side – to petition the board to create the right HOA website, then you effectively solve your own problem and quash future ones for the community. In other words, discussing an HOA website at your next board meeting could mean, “Goodbye HOA woes.” 

No matter what your grievance is, we’ll dive into the roots of common HOA-homeowner disputes, and how an HOA portal like Hoampage often cuts through those problems like a hot knife through butter. 

Eliminate Poor Communication and Never Feel Uninformed Again

Violations, overdue assessments and missed meetings, more often than not, result from poor transparency and communication. HOAs without a good website can be inconsistent about communication, from one-off emails you never see, to phone calls or board meetings you can easily miss, to paper mail that you might not check. 

On top of that, important regulations may not be easily accessible to homeowners, which can undermine any good faith attempt to enforce the bylaws. (You can’t abide by rules you’re not aware of, right?) Furthermore, it can be hard to communicate with board members if you want to contest an issue.

An HOA website solves that, but only if it enhances two-way communication between homeowners and HOAs. It provides a dedicated space for regulations, urgent notices, updates and discussions, you can say goodbye to mysterious violations, missed memos and never feel like you don’t know where to take your complaints. 

How an HOA website like Hoampage can help:

  • Forums: Create specific forums for different groups in your HOA. For example, homeowners with children might want a place to discuss their experiences with remote learning. Or, runners may want to plan a recurring group run around the neighborhood.
  • Message Boards: A general place for everyone to post messages about relevant topics and events such as an upcoming election or information about Trick-or-Treat. 
  • Accessible Contact Information: Whether you have a question about a bylaw or a concern, it’s crucial to know how to get in touch with members of your HOA board and your neighbors. Providing a directory on a website allows homeowners to always have access to the contacts they need. 
  • Online Notices: With the ability to post notices on the HOA site, you ensure that all visitors are immediately greeted with important information and updates. 

Never Miss Out on Important Community Meetings, Events and Sales

In an ideal world, you’d be able to spend less time grinding your teeth over HOA shortfalls, and more time engaging with the community you call home. After you petition your board to adopt an HOA website like Hoampage, disputes should start to dwindle thanks to improved communication. Then, you can start benefiting from the genuinely fun aspects of living in your community, like first dibs on home and garage sales, and neighborhood social events.

How an HOA website like Hoampage can help:

  • Use online calendars to schedule and view upcoming neighborhood events. 
    • That includes board meetings, to ensure you don’t miss one if you have a topic you sincerely want to address (like adding a better HOA website!)
  • Create neighborhood interest groups, around gardening or book clubs, for example.
  • List items for sale or announce that you’re selling your house. 

Painlessly Pay HOA Dues

Amid the paperless revolution, HOAs were one of the solitary institutions that still firmly hung onto paper bill pay and even coupon books. Suffice to say, homeowners don’t always warm to these antiquated payment systems. If you’re like other homeowners, you may have missed your dues payments simply because the payment method wasn’t straightforward, or you lost it in the mail. Online payment portals have become the norm for most businesses, and your HOA should be no different. 

How an HOA website like Hoampage can help:

Rather than being forced to mail in a check or physically deliver your payment, the easiest and most convenient option is to pay through an HOA website. Hoampage offers the ability to add an online payment portal to your website, making it easy to securely pay your dues in as little as two minutes. 

Stop Hunting Down the Forms and Documents That You Need

We’ve all been there. Feverishly hunting down the forms you need for a fence approval or a ledger of past payments you’ve made. The process isn’t fun for anyone. Having an online home for all essential forms, documents, and resources that homeowners need is more efficient and can help the HOA run more effectively. 

How an HOA website like Hoampage can help:

Hoampage is able to house all the important documents you might need to access when revamping your landscaping or adding an addition to your house. 

Bring Hoampage Up at Your Next Board Meeting

When it comes to improving the lives of HOA members, an HOA website is the perfect solution and Hoampage does it better than anyone else. We Simply choose the package that works best for your community and the Hoampage platform walks you through your HOA website creation allowing you to customize it as you go. 

Lead the way to better communication, more meaningful connections, and accessible documents with Hoampage.

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