Vantaca Software and Page Per Page Announce Strategic Partnership

PHOENIX, July 13, 2021 – Vantaca, the leading Community Management software company and Page Per Page, the fastest growing mail provider, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership, the first of its kind in the Community Association Industry. This partnership enables Vantaca clients to outsource all mail for the communities that they manage, with the press of a button. Coupon books, billings statements, compliance letters, annual meeting notices and election ballots can now all be sent directly to Page Per Page for processing and mailing.

“We are incredibly pleased to provide our clients direct access to the most reliable and accurate mailing service in our industry. For 13 years, Page Per Page has been delivering mail on-time and accurately, better than 99.9% of the time,” said Vantaca’s Greg Rohde, EVP of Strategic Relationships.  “Sending mail is labor intensive and requires a significant equipment investment. In most cases, it is better for management companies to leave mailing to the experts and allow their employees to focus on the company’s core business.” added Greg. 

Phil Hoffman, CEO of Page Per Page, when asked to comment on the value of a partnership with Vantaca, responded, “We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to have Vantaca as a partner and have referred many of our clients their way.  They are responsive, organized, and most importantly, focused on the client.  Our relationship began when one of their clients requested an integration with our company.  The team at Vantaca contacted us and we had our integration completed in less than 90 days.  This partnership agreement now ensures all Vantaca users have access to the technology that we built together.”

About Vantaca

Vantaca’s next-generation Community Operating System redefines HOA Management and Accounting work.  Want to learn more about Vantaca? Schedule a Demo at

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About Page Per Page

Page Per Page provides the Community Association Industry (CAI) innovative solutions that allow communities to communicate with homeowners through both traditional mail and/or mobile technology. Want to learn more? Schedule a Webinar.

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