Is Page Per Page the least expensive option when it comes to outsourcing HOA mail?

Our Answer:

In a word, NO.  Our pricing is fair. Our pricing is competitive.  And, if you already outsource, our pricing is likely lower than your current vendor.  However, if you are diligent enough, you will always be able to find another service provider who will process your HOA mail for less money.  

Page Per Page places emphasis on the factors most important to the community association industry.  We believe it is the reason for our consistent growth. Read below to better understand what your industry peers feel are the most important factors when deciding if and to whom to outsource.

Industry Survey

In 2019, Page Per Page conducted a survey of community management companies regarding the most important factors when deciding to outsource HOA mail.  Here are the results:

  1. On-time – HOA mail is time sensitive and knowing the mail will be processed in a timely manner was the number one priority.
  2. Accurate – HOA mail contains sensitive and personal information that only the homeowner should have access to.  Knowing that each piece of mail is getting to the intended recipient, was the second most important factor.
  3. Customer Service –  “Stuff” happens.  When a mistake is made (and it doesn’t matter whether it was the Board or the Community Manager’s fault), respondents said that being able to get a hold of the outsourcing provider and receiving timely help was critical and the third most important deciding factor. 
  4. Professional – As a management company, your image is largely represented in the HOA mail you send out.  Delivering a professional looking piece of mail was the fourth most important criteria.
  5. Price – Fifth place in terms of importance.

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