Why US Mail Informed Delivery is a Must for HOAs

HOAs send a variety of notices and announcements through the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a formal means of communication. From ballots to HOA assessment reminders, these mailers must reach homeowners to ensure the HOA is following state mandates and the bylaws of the association.

This is where USPS’s “Informed Delivery” becomes useful. Not only does it alert homeowners of incoming mail, but HOA’s can add additional information as part of its interactive campaign service making sure important communications reach homeowners.

Here, we explain the specifics of US mail informed delivery and detail how it can benefit your HOA. 

What is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is a consumer-facing feature offered by USPS that gives users a digital preview (or scanned image) of their incoming mail through email, an online dashboard, and an official mobile app.

An interactive component allows senders to advertise and supplement images of their mail with messages of importance and interest. Using this feature, you can include a custom image or website link along with the image of your mail. The information appears on the user’s end allowing them to interact with your mail pieces. This can be a huge benefit to HOAs who want to increase engagement with their members.

How Does It Benefit HOAs?

USPS informed delivery helps to ensure that homeowners are always aware of significant HOA communications. This is an important benefit as many bylaws require notices to be sent for HOA voting, assessments, and meeting announcements. 

The additional benefits of US mail informed delivery include:

  • A higher email open rate
  • The generation of multiple impressions from a single mailpiece
  • An increase in consumer response
  • The added ability to reach consumers digitally 

All these benefits translate to a more engaged and informed community for the HOA.

With that said, the use of the interactive campaign feature in addition to informed delivery can ensure the bylaws are met and also drive traffic to your HOA website

Interactive Campaigns

An interactive campaign allows the HOA to add additional information to the email alerts, including custom images and a specific URL that directs the user to a particular web page. This makes the mail actionable before the recipient even receives it. Additionally, these features are currently free, allowing your HOA to reap the benefits without taking a hit to the budget.

How Does It Benefit Community Members?

Being able to increase engagement and keep an informed community makes the decision to utilize USPS’s informed delivery an easy one for HOAs. But it also benefits homeowners personally. By simply downloading the app, recipients can:

  • Preview incoming mail
  • Track packages
  • Input delivery instructions
  • Schedule redelivery
  • Manage notifications

In short, using US mail informed delivery means the recipient stays informed of incoming messages and notices for all correspondence making communication more efficient and secure, inside and outside the community. 

Make Communication More Efficient

The most important benefit of USPS informed delivery for HOAs is that it makes community members aware of incoming, critical communications. Chances are, they will never again miss an upcoming meeting or assessment due to neglecting their inbox. 

With that said, the first step is to create these mailers that represent your HOA with professional design and clear messaging. This is where Page Per Page can help. 

Page Per Page is a one-stop-shop for community associations. Their expert design, print, and mailing services streamline even the most daunting tasks. Offload your printing and mailing responsibilities with Page Per Page, while also utilizing informed delivery to make communication with your community a breeze.

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