How to Choose Your HOA Online Voting System

One of the major benefits of an HOA is that homeowners have the ability to vote on who represents them. Unfortunately, many associations struggle with election participation. That’s why more boards are turning to HOA online voting systems.

Online HOA voting eliminates the need to spend time filling out and mailing a paper ballot. With an HOA online voting system, you can increase the speed of your elections and ensure an accurate tabulation of votes. Once you’ve decided to transition to online HOA voting, the next step is to evaluate the available systems. 

We will explore the features you should look for when comparing systems:

Adheres to Legal Requirements

It’s important to ensure that the system you choose complies with bylaws and state law. For example, some states continue to rely on mailings as the legal standard for collecting signatures and votes. In others, you need only use mail to notify homeowners of a pending election. 

That’s why it’s imperative to determine what communications you’ll be required to mail and if the HOA online voting system can help with that process. Association Vote, a top-tier HOA online voting platform, is owned by Page Per Page, a mailing solutions company that specializes in the community association industry. This gives Association Vote the unique ability to support both your online voting initiatives and election-related mailings. The combined expertise of the two brands creates synergy between your HOA voting and mailing procedures. It also minimizes the points of contact you’ll need to juggle.

Provides a Smooth User Experience

Once you have confirmed that you can comply with local laws through online voting, it’s time to focus on the actual voting process.

Online voting drives greater participation because it allows homeowners to vote when and where they want. But, if the system is complicated, homeowners may not take the time to use it. Wherever possible, sign up for demos or free trials of the systems you’re considering and explore the user interface. Consider having a fellow homeowner in the association dive into the platform with you and get feedback on their experience. Be sure the voting platform is mobile-optimized and doesn’t have a complicated set-up process that could drive voters away. 

It’s also important for the system to include features that make your job easier. For example; consider HOA online voting systems that simplify the ballot creation process. Platforms like Association Vote make ballot creation as simple as casting a vote. Another important feature to consider is real-time election tracking, which Association Vote also provides.

Meets the Unique Requirements of Your HOA

Every association is different; this is why it’s critical to ensure that the system you choose caters to the particular needs of your HOA. This is where the details of the system come into play.

As you evaluate each system, consider the following questions: 

  • Does the cost of the voting system fit into the budget?
  • Will the voters’ and association’s information be secure in the platform?
  • Is the system easy to use for elderly voters, or do you need to be technically savvy to use it?
  • Is customer service readily available?

Discuss any further requirements with your board members in order to compile a list of questions that addresses your association’s needs.

Upgrade Your HOA Voting Process 

With all things considered, HOA online voting platforms can increase homeowner participation and ease the process of elections for your association’s board.

It’s important to remember that even if paper ballots aren’t required, in most cases, election notifications must still be sent via US mail. This is what makes Association Vote such an attractive option. Not only do they provide an online voting platform, they mail out election notifications on your behalf.

Improve your HOA’s ability to fairly and quickly elect officials and make decisions that affect everyone. Get started with Association Vote for a modern solution to voting and a traditional approach to mailings.

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