The Best Self Managed HOA Software

Running a self-managed HOA and community association is far from easy — sometimes even the simplest of tasks can seem complicated. That’s why it’s important to assess the needs of your community association and consider offloading some of your workload. The right HOA software can help board members maneuver HOA laws and help with customer service and professionalism when dealing with homeowner relationships. 

Here are our favorite options for self-managed HOA software:


Easy-to-use and affordable, PayHOA association management software has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each HOA with an easy-to-use interface. Get started with a free basic website where members can make payments and communicate with each other with ease. 


Here’s what PayHOA can do for your association:

  • Send invoices and late fee notices automatically 
  • Collect HOA and association fees for free
  • Submit work orders and maintenance requests  
  • Maintain the HOA or community associations books with robust and accurate accounting capabilities as well as bank reconciliation
  • Organize and track of violations 

Why You Should Consider It

PayHOA’s software makes running a self-managed HOA or community association easier and more streamlined for managers, board members, and homeowners. You have the ability to try out the service for free to help you decide which package best fits the needs of your HOA.


Bitrix24 is an extensive collaboration platform that provides a complete suite of management and communication tools. Though it is not designed specifically for HOAs and community associations, its diverse toolkit will help you centralize all of your tasks and optimize communication and lead-generating efforts. Additionally, their cloud based system offers reasonable pricing and offers a free starter toolkit to get you started.   


Here are some of Bitrix24’s core features:

  • Workload manager for delegating tasks to members
  • Communication tools such as a private internal social network
  • Digital file storage to manage all of your HOA documents
  • Online payment management for collecting dues
  • Quote and invoice generator

Why You Should Consider It

Bitrix24 is free to sign up, offers numerous package options to choose from, and conducts free educational webinars to make adoption of the software easier for you and your board. It’s easy to get started and has all the tools you’ll need to collectively integrate a more streamlined process for managing your HOA..  

HOA Ally

HOA Ally acts as a partner for your HOA and helps you save time on all of your day-to-day tasks. HOA Ally was created by association managers to primarily help smaller, self-managed HOAs get their operations running smoothly and efficiently so that board members can focus on the things that matter most, the community.


Here’s what HOA Ally can help an association with:

  • Conduct formal polls with auditing history and charts
  • Create events, meetings, and track maintenance in the calendar
  • Track the history of residents, buildings, and the association itself.
  • Track assessments to know which units are up-to-date
  • Electronically send billing for association dues.

Why You Should Consider It

HOA Ally is completely free forever meaning that there is no risk to you or your association to try it out. Additionally, it is built by association managers who know the industry and know what features are valuable and which ones just get in your way. Their features were designed to get your association running smoothly and efficiently by accomplishing more in less time. 

Self-Managing an HOA is Simplified with the Right Software and Tools

Managing your HOA or community association requires a lot of moving parts, so it can be challenging to stay on top of everything. Especially, if you’re just figuring out how to start an association. But, with the right self-managed HOA software, you can simplify even the most difficult aspects of managing your HOA.

Evaluating all software platforms based on your association’s unique requirements will allow you to identify the HOA software that works best for your community, while companies like Page Per Page can help to make printing and mailing essential HOA documents simple.

Page Per Page can handle all of your designing, printing, and mailing needs, including HOA coupon books, mailers, brochures, and even promotional products. Their expertise in marketing and design coupled with their experience in the HOA industry can make tedious tasks for you a breeze.

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