5 Creative HOA Newsletter Ideas

HOA newsletters offer a ton of benefits. They maintain communication with homeowners, serve as reminders for dues and assessments, encourage community participation, and create a sense of comradery among homeowners. Ideally, a successful newsletter will be both fun and informative enough to entice readership. 

Here are five creative homeowner’s association newsletter ideas to get you started.

#1. Include How-to Articles

Creating how-to articles can be a creative way to add value to your newsletter by giving readers something to learn. A how-to article is a step-by-step guide through a new skill or process, such as how to start an association, and it can be enticing for readers who are interested in gaining new experience.

Consider season-specific how-to’s such as:

  • How to weatherproof your porch/deck
  • How to transplant bulbs in the Spring
  • How to make a Christmas wreath

You could even focus on home repair projects like:

  • How to fix a loose floorboard
  • How to patch a hole in the wall

#2. Give Solid Maintenance Advice Through Newsletters

While how-tos can cover maintenance projects, having a newsletter with maintenance advice can also be an eye-catcher. Maintenance advice can come in many different forms, from preventative maintenance–like changing your air filter–to regular maintenance, like lawn care. Consider these options:

  • How often should you clean your lawnmower?
  • How to store your snowblower or leaf blower?
  • What are the best ways to conserve energy with a pool?

Your newsletter can even include special editions that feature advice from an expert or local business owner. Draw on the expertise of community members who might have useful tips and tricks for life and home maintenance in the neighborhood.

#3. Provide a Top 10 List

Another way you can add value is by creating top 10 lists on various topics through an email newsletter, direct mailers, or on your HOA website. You can describe events, restaurants, businesses, and even people. Encourage community participation by inviting members to submit recipes or date spots. While the possibilities are endless, here are a few great options:

  • Valentine’s Day spots
  • Paint ideas for 2020
  • Flowers to plant during spring
  • Best yards in the HOA
  • Summer drinks to try
  • Best pies for fall celebrations

#4. Bring in Festive Pictures

Much like useful personal recipes, attractive pictures are enticing to readers. Images connect people to what they’re reading especially when it includes people they might know. 

Consider asking homeowners to submit images of events or projects in the neighborhood. For example;

  • Include photos of kids in their Halloween costumes
  • Ask for pictures of people attending community functions
  • Solicit images of holiday season festivities

Bonus Tip: At the end of the year publish a ‘round-up’ issue featuring collages of all events and festivities throughout the year. This also gives you a great excuse to summarize your HOA’s business standings.

#5. Add an Infographic

Graphics, like images, can also grab and hold attention. An infographic is a visual diagram that describes a topic. You can convey information such as statistics and patterns through illustrations and logos.

For example, you might show how an increase in dues and fees will be spent by creating an infographic of the money traveling from homeowners to the association to a new pool or playground. 

Not everyone has a graphic designer willing to lend their services to the HOA, so this is when companies, like Page Per Page, come in handy. Page Per Page specializes in print and design for HOAs, their services can help with the design of an infographic that looks fun and professional. 

Make Your Newsletter Standout 

HOA Newsletters can be a fun way to inform homeowners of important business topics while entertaining them with exciting info and advice. However, writing top lists, gathering photos, and designing infographics may seem daunting, especially if you aren’t an expert in design.

Page Per Page is an expert in design and print for community associations. Not only can they help create your HOA newsletter, but they can also print and mail it in record time. Start grabbing the attention of all your homeowners with an amazing newsletter- hassle-free.

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