3 of the Best HOA Management Software Solutions

Responsibilities of an HOA are vast; with tasks including everything from managing budgets and HOA assessments to maintaining common areas. Like many businesses, having a streamlined workflow can have a positive impact on the success of an HOA, which is where HOA management software comes in handy. 

The following are some of the best HOA software solutions you can utilize to help with managing some of the duties that come with running an HOA. 


Vantaca’s team of software architects have been leaders in the HOA management space for over 30 years. They have used their experience to create a platform that offers a customizable workflow that can perform to your preferences instead of forcing you to conform to a preset application.

Additionally, Vantaca has created as a mobile application from the start so it’s responsive wherever you and your homeowners work. 


Here’s a look at some of Vantaca’s core features:

  • Real-time data analytics
  • Standard, Efficiency, and Success Reports
  • Multiple options for paying
  • Visual data reporting
  • Easily send mail, email, or text alerts


Vantaca does not disclose their pricing publicly. You’d just have to contact them to obtain how much their platform costs.

Village Management Software

Village Management Software (VMS) is an extensive property management suite. Rather than the all-in-one systems, Village Management offers a series of programs that encompass everything you will need to manage your HOA, from accounting to collections to interactive web modules. 

Unlike competing software suites, Village Management Software was designed specifically for the property management industry to help grow and optimize your business. 


Here’s a look at some of the features that VMS has to offer:

  • All-encompassing suite of property management tools
  • Real-time bank account transfers, transaction history and daily balances
  • Generate PDFs for necessary reports such as AP expenses, bank statements, delinquency and compliance letters
  • Virtual file cabinets for storing all necessary documents
  • Fully integrated accounting suite
  • Customizable websites for your associations
  • Automated task scheduler


Generally, pricing will vary based on the programs within the suite that you plan on integrating. On a month-to-month basis, HOA managers can register at $75 per user. For more extensive pricing information, contact their support staff.


Pay HOA is an all-in-one HOA management software that has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to accept payments, automatically send late fees, and communicate with community members. It was created specifically with HOAs in mind; honing in on the unique needs of associations.

While Vantaca and Village Management Software appeals to professionally managed HOAs, Pay HOA specializes in self-managed associations. 


Here’s a look at some of the core features Pay HOA has to offer:

  • A simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Free basic website with a hosting fee of $25 monthly
  • Manager and member portal
  • Collect dues online for free
  • Automatically send late fee notices and invoices
  • Scheduled and autopay payments
  • Text messaging and email communications can be sent to members


You can try Pay HOA free for 30 days with no credit card required. Basic pricing is as follows:

  • $40 per month for up to 50 properties
  • $80 per month for up to 100 properties
  • $150 per month for unlimited properties

Additional HOA Software to Consider

In addition to HOA management software, HOAs can utilize additional tools to make managing other aspects of running an HOA easy. 

Association Vote

For communities that have approved online voting as an acceptable alternative to paper ballots, they can use software like Association Vote to simplify both creating ballots and casting votes. 

Association Vote was created by Page Per Page as an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for voting within communities. Simply, upload your homeowner’s list and Association Vote will generate a unique registration code that can either be mailed or emailed to each homeowner. 


Here are some of the convenient features that Association Vote offers:

  • Ballot Creation: Easily create a ballot with Association Vote’s straightforward process.
  • Convenient Voting: Community members can be alerted of a new ballot via email, US mail, or both. They can also cast a vote while on-the-go and track election results in real-time round-the-clock.
  • Secure Voting: Association Vote has an A+ security rating. Associations can be confident that personal information and election results are safeguarded.


There are no set-up fees to use Association Vote. Upon uploading your homeowner’s list, the system will generate a registration code. You can choose how to deliver it with the following options:

  • U.S. Mail: $0.39 per homeowner plus the cost of mailing.
  • You Mail: $0.49 per homeowner and you’ll be provided a .csv file to deliver the codes any way you choose.
  • E-mail: $0.59 per homeowner to email homeowners.


HOAMPAGE is an innovative platform that allows you to create and manage simple HOA websites that effectively connect homeowners and associations from one convenient location. HOAMPAGE focuses solely on external websites where homeowners have a place to stay up-to-date on their community, while interacting with their neighbors through social forums and interest groups.


Here’s a look at some of the features that HOAMPAGE comes with:

  • My Household: You can create profiles for homeowners and tenants and allow for work order submissions. With software integration, you can also allow for homeowners to pay fees and view notices.
  • My Community: You can post community news, have an updated calendar of events, setup a page of useful links, and more.
  • My Social: You can create and maintain a community forum for homeowners, they can create their own groups for socialization, and allow for advertising for homes/items for sale.
  • Functionality: Ability to make the site public or private and the ability to enable or disable features, themes, and custom pages.


HOAMPAGE offers a free trial, but pricing packages include:

  • Simple Plan: $100 per year per website equipped with basic HOAMPAGE features.
  • Fully Featured: $250 per year per website with all basics plus additional social and functionality features. 
  • Integrated: $400 per year per website. It is full-featured with software integration.

Page Per Page Can Help with HOA Printing Needs

With the all-encompassing tasks that come with HOAs, finding ways to make each process easier is key. HOA management software helps to take care of the tedious day-to-day HOA tasks, while companies like Page Per Page can help to make printing and mailing essential HOA documents simple.
Page Per Page is a print, mail, and technology solutions company that specializes in homeowners associations. With decades of experience, Page Per Page can handle everything from designing and printing coupon books to mailing thousands of flyers informing homeowners of HOA assessments.

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