HOA Technology Solutions

Did you know homeowners receive over 200 million pieces of mail each year from their management companies?

833Yet, with 87% of U.S. homes having internet access and two out of every three adults owning a smart phone, it is safe to say that the majority of homeowners prefer information delivered to them electronically. 

So, although mail is not going away any time soon – Page-Per-Page, has developed three alternative technology solutions that will help improve your communication with homeowners. By incorporating online voting, HOA websites, and e-billing into your business model, the following four things will occur:

  1. You will retain your current portfolio of clients

  2. You will gain a significant edge on your competition

  3. You will discover new sources of revenue

  4. You will reduce your costs



The demand for online voting is on the rise, as more and more states legalize this modern solution to the HOA election process. Page-Per-Page now provides an online voting service that is easy-to-use for both the community managers and the homeowner.

  • Create election ballots or community surveys within minutes. 
  • Track votes/results in real time
  • View and save your results with ease
  • Achieve quorum more often

Convenient, cost-effective and higher response rates, are just a few of the benefits of online voting. Contact us today, to learn how you can make the transition!


It is what your Board of Directors have been asking for all along…free customizable websites for all of your HOAs.

With HOAmpage, you will now be able to manage all of your communities’ websites from a single, easy-to-navigate online hub. Keep your communities up-to-date on community news, upcoming events, and keep them informed with downloadable important HOA documents, and email blasts.

Contact us today, to learn more about providing low-cost, feature-rich custom websites to your communities!


Did you know that 63% of people who sign up for e-bills pay their bill immediately upon receipt?  That means that you can have cash in your bank account before paper bills are even printed!

Page-Per-Page your financial mailing provider, now offers that option. Oh, and you’ll save 75% on every homeowner that signs up for e-bills.

Contact us today, to learn more about providing e-billing to your homeowners!