The Best Online Tools to Support HOA Remote Communication During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered everyday life. To reduce the spread, people are working and learning from home. Tasks that were once simple, like a stop at the grocery store or a quick trip to the bank, have now been mired in increased restrictions. From Zoom meetings to phone calls, stepping away from in-person interactions can be challenging. However, it’s not impossible. 

HOA remote communication has become one of the only effective options for maintaining contact within HOAs and their communities. Curious about how to approach this new environment? 

Here are the best digital communication tools to support HOA remote operations during Covid-19.

Keep Homeowners Informed and Connected with Hoampage

Without the ability to meet or talk in person, a place for homeowners to stay informed on HOA news and events, discuss issues, and ask questions has become more important than ever. An HOA website offers a place for homeowners to come together. 

Hoampage is a platform built for HOA’s that can help homeowners maintain communication regardless of location. It also boasts a suite of management tools that not only helps your community stay connected but also ensures it’s running smoothly. 

Features of Hoampage that aid remote communication with homeowners include:

Social Functionality

Beyond sending notices and ballots, it’s important to truly connect and engage with homeowners. This is why having community forums and groups is so crucial.

With Hoampage, homeowners can create profiles that enable them to interact with other community members in meaningful ways, including:

  • Interest groups – Whether a homeowner enjoys a book club, is on the welcome committee, or participates in neighborhood watch, Hoampage is a central hub for groups to maintain communication.
  • Community forums – Community forums are a great place to pose questions to homeowners, make informal announcements, and keep up on any concerns from the community. For example; when it’s time to re-open communal amenities, the community forums are a great place to make a brief announcement and address any additional questions from homeowners such as safety measures or limited hours of operation. It also gives them a space where they can vocalize their concerns to the board, without having to rely on unmonitored third party forums. 
  • List items for sale – Hoampage gives homeowners the ability to advertise items they are selling- from furniture pieces to unused kitchen gadgets. Additionally, homeowners can use the website to announce that they are selling their house. 

Informative Updates

These unprecedented times make it vital to provide homeowners with frequent updates. Having a website that allows you to edit and update informative content with ease is precisely what Hoampage allows you to do.

More specifically, the ways in which you can utilize Hoampage include:

  • Community FAQs Page: Use this page to address frequently asked questions with detailed answers. There may be many questions surrounding policies within the HOA, so make sure to address things like safety precautions, policies on wearing masks/gloves/other protective gear, or what to do when someone falls ill.
  • Community Directory: People will benefit from knowing who is in their community in case they need to establish contact. Having a directory makes it easy to find who to talk to and how to contact them.
  • Upload Important Documents: By centralizing important forms in one place, members of your HOA can access documents they need without contacting board members for help.
  • Send Direct Messages: Communicate one-on-one with homeowners without leaving the platform. This helps reduce physical contact while keeping everyone in touch. 
  • Payment Portals: Payment portals make it easy for homeowners to pay their dues and fees. Real-time payment portals move funds faster, resulting in less wait time. This is an opportune time to transition homeowners who have been using paper payments to online payment portals. 

Use Association Vote for Community Online Voting

During most HOA meetings, voting on the issues or board members happens frequently, though the bylaws must be met and an HOA quorum must be hit. As there are no longer in-person meetings, it is a great time to transition to online voting platforms, like Association Vote

With that in mind, the increased restrictions won’t last forever. Association Vote is multifaceted, able to accommodate homeowners who vote online and those who use mail-in or paper ballots. 

The benefits of adopting Association Vote include:

  • Increased voter participation: Voting online makes it easier for homeowners to be involved. By eliminating the need to show up at a certain place, people can cast their votes at their most ideal time or location.
  • Homeowners can vote safely: Vital for community spirit and solidarity, socially distant online voting reassures homeowners that their community takes Covid-19 seriously.
  • Easy ballot creation: Creating HOA ballots with Association Vote is as easy as casting a vote. In addition, you’ll be able easily add your paper ballot and mail-in votes to your online votes.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Instead of waiting for results or being forced to manually tally them up, Association Vote tracks them for you in real-time. You’ll be able to follow all of your elections online from a single dashboard.

During social distancing/stay-at-home orders, your HOA may be forced to make quick calls or swiftly create new regulations. If it is possible to involve your homeowners in the decision making on these issues, an online voting tool may become extremely useful in order to collect and aggregate their feedback.

Remaining Close from Afar with Page Per Page

Though challenging, the present situation has created an opportunity to find new resources that can improve your HOA’s functionality and make management easier in the long term.

Page Per Page is an essential resource for HOAs during these troubling times. Not only can they support your community with traditional HOA mailings during coronavirus, they can help you transition into modern methods of communication, like Hoampage and Association Vote. 

Streamline and update your HOA correspondence today with Page Per Page. Ensure your HOA is creating a valuable sense of unity during these unprecedented times.

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